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Warranty Policy
LUXA2 warrants power, audio, holder solutions and accessory products contained in the original packaging to be free from defects in materials and workmanship when used normally for the following periods
Warranty Periods
Product Warranty
Power Solution (Excluding WPC series) 2 years
Audio Solution 1 years
Holder Solution 1 years
Accessories (Including WPC, Power Adaptor series) 1 years

Please Note:

  1. Warranty period depends on different region, please consult it with your product purchase place if you have question about the warranty period.
  2. In order to speed up the RMA procedures, please provide purchase invoice while repair and replacement.
  3. The period of warranty may vary depending on where you purchased your product; please verify the return policy with the retailer where you purchased your product. Any warranty claims that cannot be processed through your original point of purchase should be addressed directly to Thermaltake HQ. Email : info@thermaltake.com

Please note the following is required for all warranty claims:

  1. We require a copy of the original proof of purchases.
  2. Screenshots are not accepted.
  3. Clear description of the product.
  4. Product’s date of purchase.
  5. Invoice or receipt number.
  6. Reseller’s contact information.

Guarantee Cover

  • LUXA2 will provide a repair or replace same grades with a defect-free product of the same grades. If the product is out of production, the defective product will be replace with same or similar grades which in event that any defect related to the materials or manufacturing of product is found within the limited warranty period.
  • LUXA2 will provide a free repair service within limited warranty period. The buyer shall pay for the expenses of materials and repair if out of the limited warranty period.
  • The limited warranty period is running from the date of invoice or bill .If Buyer lose the invoice or bill , the warranty period will be running from the date of product delivery order by searching from product series.

Guarantee doesn't cover

  • The date of sale and/or information of buyer is discovered to be fake.
  • The limited warranty shall be deemed invalid if it has been altered, amended or modified without prior approval of Seller.
  • The damage of product is due to negligent act of user.
  • The damage of product is due to carriage of user.
  • Any fault or damage caused by natural wear and tear, disasters, earthquake, thunder, unusual voltage or environmental factors is not warranted.
  • Re-labeling, forging or changing the product serial number, bar code, or if the bar code is illegible due to serious damage, it is not warranted.
  • Any fault or damage caused by the removal, modification or changing of Thermaltake's original parts or components by the buyer or any manufacturer without authorization from the original manufacturer is not warranted.
  • Any damage caused by improper use or failure to operate in accordance with the manual is not warranted.
  • Consumables other than the product: thermal grease, coolant booster or tube consumables is not warranted.
  • Accessories: paper carton, instructions and other accessories are not warranted.
  • The normal physical reaction of the product including oxidation and a color change in the copper water block due to lengthy storage is not warranted.
  • The warranty covers the hardware of storage devices and products, but any damage caused by improper operation of software is not within the warranty.
  • This warranty does not cover the storage of data saved by the user. Please make a copy of your data before maintenance or repair.
  • No hard disk is attached to products shipped by Thermaltake. If there was a hard disk installed when the user bought the product, the hard disk is not within the warranty.
  • Software and firmware of the power supply is not within the scope of the warranty.
  • Removal of the outer shell of the power supply and/or the change of any parts, components or wires thereof without the authorization of Thermaltake.
  • Improper connection as a result of the negligence of foolproof designs is not warranted.
  • Using the Y cable to increase connectors may cause a voltage drop and damage to the power supply, and so it is not warranted.
  • Use of modulized wires provided by other manufactures is not warranted.
  • Abnormal noises caused by the wear of structural components in fans after 12 months of use are not within the scope of warranty.
  • Any adjustment or modification, for the purpose of improving the functionality and efficiency of the products specified in the manual, made to the product without prior written consent from Thermaltake is not within the scope of this warranty.
  • Any damage to the system caused by failure to change the coolant booster according to the instructions is not within the scope of this warranty.
  • The service warranty remains ineffective when the serial number of the product is modified, altered or removed.
  • Thermaltake hereby denies any other services guarantee not specified in this warranty, either expressed or implied. Any implied guarantee for commercial or specific purposes outside the limitation of applicable law is not within the scope of this warranty.
  • Other improper use is not warranted.


  • LUXA2 product is not authorized to use as the life-maintain machine or its parts, or any others using which will cause personal damage or death by defect of product.
  • LUXA2 is not liable for anyone's death or damage or any object's damage when product is using as, include but not limited, military equipment, traffic equipment and medical equipment .Please connect LUXA2 with written notice for further search for adequately parts. This covenant is not to limit or eliminate the liability for personal death or damage caused by LUXA2 's negligence.
  • LUXA2 is only liable for limited warranty service of LUXA2 product. LUXA2 is not liable for other damage or loss of time, interest, commercial opportunity due to using defect product of LUXA2 .
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