Thermaltake Group Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is made in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Law of Republic of China (Taiwan) by Thermaltake to protect the privacy of our members, and the content of the following privacy protection is provided for your reference.

Scope of Application

  1. The policy applies to the collection, processing, and utilization of your personal information concerning the following issues between you and the website operation organization: (1) any business you deal with Thermaltake or any Thermaltake activity you participate in, including but not limited to admission to website membership, online shopping, or marketing campaigns such as lucky draw or grants; (2) consulting service, inquiry or suggestions you make through telephone, fax, or related network platform of Thermaltake; or (3) any other Thermaltake websites, services, or products displayed or linked to this privacy policy statement.
  2. The protection of personal information linked via Thermaltake website to any independently managed or operated website shall be applicable to the privacy policy of the said third party. Thermaltake is not responsible for any third party website.

The security of personal information

Protecting our members' personal privacy is an important business value of Thermaltake. Without the consent from our members, we will never provide the personal data to any third party unrelated to the service of our website. Members shall properly protect their own network passwords and personal information, and do not provide any personal information (especially network passwords) to any other person. After using services from Thermaltake websites, make sure to log off. If you use a public computer or share a computer with other people, remember to close the browser window.

Collection, processing and utilization of personal information

The offering of personal information by a member to Thermaltake shall be viewed as he/she agrees to abide by this privacy policy. Members' personal information obtained from related websites of Thermaltake will be processed and used in our group in accordance with intended usage purpose and scope stated in obtaining the said personal information. Unless stated in advance, or in accordance with the relevant legal provisions, Thermaltake group will not make the data available to any third party, or use it for any other irrelevant purpose.

When a member provides personal information to Thermaltake, it shall be deemed that Thermaltake has explicitly notified of the following matters:

  1. Collector: Thermaltake Group
  2. Purposes of collection: The data collection is intended for marketing, consumers, customer management and services, online shopping and other e-commerce services and surveys, statistics, other studies and analyses. If a specific event declares other regulations, the purpose of such an event shall be included.
  3. Categories of personal information collected:
    Personal information collected within the website by Thermaltake Group including but not limited to:
    (1) member's name, address (including location information of members), telephone number, e-mail, gender, date of birth, identity card (or passport) number, education background, occupation, information on Thermaltake websites, services or products used by a member.
    (2) credit card or financial institution account information.
  4. term, area, object, and manner of usage:
    (1) Term: from the provision of personal information by a member to the time Thermaltake receiving the written request by the member concerned to stop using or the time Thermaltake ceasing to provide services.
    (2) Area: member's personal information would be used in Taiwan or other areas when Thermaltake deems necessary for service.
    (3) Objects and methods: members' personal information collected, in addition to being used for management and services of Thermaltake group members, or search & queries in customer management by Thermaltake, it may be used within related organizations under our group for identification, payment services, logistics, marketing, publicity, and so on. If a specific event has other regulations declared, the regulations of such an event shall be applicable.
  5. Members’ rights concerning their personal information:
    The party whose personal information is collected by Thermaltake, in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Law, shall be entitled to exercise the following rights to Thermaltake:
    (1) inquiry or request for looking through information.
    (2) request for copies.
    (3) request for amendment or correction.
    (4) request to stop collecting, processing or utilization.
    (5) request for deletion.
    Members who wish to exercise the above-mentioned rights may contact Thermaltake for application.

Please note! Refusal of providing necessary data required for granting membership may result in being unable to enjoy the full services or unable to use the services completely.

Data security

To protect members' privacy and security, data of Thermaltake membership account is password-protected. Thermaltake will try our best and use reasonable technology and procedure to safeguard the security of all personal information.


In order to facilitate the convenience of members usage, related websites of Thermaltake Group will apply the technology of cookie to easily provide services needed by members. Cookie is a technology for website servers to communicate with a member's browsers. It may store randomly word strings on a member's browser to identify and differentiate users. Closing cookie may cause the prevention of a member from logging into the website smoothly or using the shopping function.

How to inquiry or correct personal data

If a member has the need of inquiry, review, access, photocopy, supplement, or correction, stop computer processing and utilize, or delete personal information, the member can contact the customer service center. Thermaltake will process such request promptly.

Revision of privacy policy

With the changes of market environment or legal requirements, Thermaltake Group may from time to time revise this privacy policy. Any revision or amendment of this privacy policy made by our group will not inform individual members. All members agree that our group can from time to time update and apply the latest privacy policy declared. If members have any question concerning the privacy statement in Thermaltake website, or related to personal data, he/she can contact the customer service center of Thermaltake Group via e-mail.